7550 150mm white sahde Lachlan



Price for shade only. Click picture to add the suspension as a pandent light.

You can also use the shade to put on your exsiting suspension.

Add on Light bulbs  (click below picture to add to cart,  1 needed for this model)


    LED 7W                         LED A60


Ideal feature light for Dinning room table,


Living room 

Entrance way



Finish: Synthetic leather


Diameter: 150mm x Height: 200mm($29) 

Diameter: 200mm x Height: 200mm($39) 

Diameter: 250mm x Height: 200mm($49) 

Diameter: 300mm x Height: 200mm($59) 

Diameter: 350mm x Height: 200mm($69) 

Diameter: 400mm x Height: 250mm($79) 

Diameter: 450mm x Height: 250mm($89) 

Code: 7550

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We have a non earth wire requried version for this model. Please leave a note to us if you require non earth wire connection. 

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